We have a team of highly qualified and specialised technicians with mechanical and industrial equipment at the forefront in the sector.

Besides having the largest fleet of trucks in the industry in Galicia, we have machinery to carry out all kinds of jobs abroad.

Human team

Professional technicians


With fifty workers, Francisco Mata S.A. has a workforce of professionals and technicians proven to have extensive experience in the industry and with the necessary training to carry out any task, whether simple or complex, related to our work in the most efficient and safe manner.

The creation of multidisciplinary teams for scrapping and outdoor work and studies carried out by our engineers allows us to offer a range of specialised high quality services.

Industrial equipment

Machinery, technology and techniques


We have all kinds of machinery for both handling and processing, allowing us to offer a range of very heterogeneous own products through processing of the material using shears, compactors, crushers, etc.

In addition, our Shredding Plant (the only one in Galicia) with its 2,500 hp and with a production capacity of 450,000 tons per year, which allows us to break down the complex waste, makes the separation and classification in the lines to be a lot more efficient.

Mobile equipment

Works in the exterior: scrapping and dismantling


Specialised in industrial scrapping, we have experienced professionals and the machinery necessary to ensure maximum safety and minimum impact during the process.

We are prepared for this kind of activity in both open as well as in confined spaces.

We also have extensive experience in shipyard and rail yard scrapping.

We have machinery for processing off-site residues (grinders, shears, presses, etc.).


Transport and collection


Our fleet of trucks equipped with cranes allows us to cover all Galicia and neighbouring regions of Spain and northern Portugal, making the collection of waste and their loading possible using our own resources to take them to our recovery centres.

We have containers of all sizes for companies requiring this service, which allows the work of storage and collection of their waste to be made easier.

Our response time from notice to collection is immediate.


Research, development and innovation


At Francisco Mata S.A. we are in a constant process of exploration, in search of new environmental solutions in order to improve our products and become more efficient.

Carried out by our engineers and environmental technicians, we carry out all kinds of projects of residual management and optimization, for own use or for that of our suppliers.

This work allows us to offer even higher quality products to our customers and a constantly improving service.

Recycling plants

Recovery centres


We have four large self treatment plants in Galicia for waste management, with these centres providing over 100,000 m² dedicated exclusively to this work.

The control that is carried out on waste from its receipt in the plant is comprehensive, from initial identification, through to sorting and processing, until they leave the plant.

Our facilities are prepared and have been designed for the proper treatment of waste of a metal and non-metallic nature.