Services for companies

We offer all kinds of environmental services and solutions that we adapt according to the studies we undertake to meet the needs of each company.


We deal with the different steps that are required and we guarantee the best valuation and service, as well as a responsible and efficient management, carrying out all tasks and procedures regarding current environmental regulations.


  • Comprehensive management of waste
  • Acceptance of all kinds of metal waste
  • Decontamination
  • Destruction certificate

Specialist services

  • Environmental consulting
  • Customised plans
  • Analysis of materials and qualities
  • Waste characterization and classification by List of Waste Referred
  • Radioactivity test certificate


  • Transport, loading and collection service
  • Container service


  • Scrapping and dismantling of industrial plants, equipaments and factories
  • Ship breaking and rail dismantling. We unregister a vehicle. Authorized treatment center (CAT)
  • Rail dismantling. We unregister a vehicle (CAT)
  • Demolition of aircraft. We unregister a vehicle (CAT)
  • Dismantling of industrial vehicles. We unregister a vehicle (CAT)
  • Destruction certificate

Other means

  • Control of radioactive contamination
  • Destruction and deactivation. We issue a certificate for the destruction and shredding of the components we are given.
  • Decontamination, cleaning and solving problems