About us

We are a company based in Galicia, whose activity is focused on the recovery and sale of iron and steel products.


Management areas

Our company has many licences issued by the Xunta de Galicia for authorised management and transport of different waste, hazardous and non-hazardous, both from industrial as well as urban origin.


  • Iron and scrap
  • Metals: aluminium, copper, lead …
  • Alloys: stainless steel, bronze, brass …
  • Batteries
  • End of life vehicles
  • Components
  • WEEE (electric and electronic equipment)
  • Bulky waste
  • Containers
  • Wood
  • Mixed municipal waste
  • Etc.



We offer a great variety of products that are recovered from waste, which can be reused as a raw material.

Services for companies


We offer all kinds of environmental services and solutions that we adapt according to the studies we undertake to meet the needs of each company.

We deal with the different steps that are required and we guarantee the best valuation and service, as well as a responsible and efficient management, carrying out all tasks and procedures regarding current environmental regulations.


  • Comprehensive management of waste
  • Acceptance of all kinds of metal waste
  • Decontamination
  • Destruction certificate

Specialist services

  • Environmental consulting
  • Customised plans
  • Analysis of materials and qualities


  • Transport, loading and collection service
  • Container service


  • Scrapping and dismantling of industrial plants
  • Scrapping of rail yards and shipyards
  • Destruction certificate

Other means

  • Control of radioactive contamination
  • Destruction and deactivation. We issue a certificate for the destruction and shredding of the components we are given.
  • Decontamination, cleaning and solving problems



Francisco Mata S.A. is a company that during its 60 years of history has distinguished itself for its complete commitment to its customers and suppliers, the environment and society.

We work by continuously improving and developing our techniques, with maximum safety and making sure there is a minimum impact on the environment, and which at the same time is carried out convenient and efficient for our customers.

We are also proud of our products, always valued for their excellence; we are one of the largest suppliers of raw materials for foundries in this country.

Effort and dedication


We put every effort into the work we do with the aim of achieving excellence in our work and we are very satisfied of having a portfolio of customers and partners, both public and private, of which we are proud.



The history of Francisco Mata S.A. begins on 1st January 1950 when its founder, Mr Francisco Mata Cuesta, sells his first iron in the show that opened the year in Betanzos (A Coruña).

This is how a work of progressive professionalization starts thanks to a great dedication and willingness to constantly improve which soon places the company at the forefront within the industry.

As a result of this concern and knowledge acquired through curiosity, travel and experience, the company introduced pioneering techniques and machinery in our country, which are still in force.

Today, with the non-conformism that characterizes us, we continue this phase of continuous development that began 60 years ago with the clear aim of continuing to carry out beneficial work within our community.

Associated with:


SIDERO: Provincial Association of Iron and Steel Businesses of A Coruña