Awareness and commitment. These are the premises with which we work in our environment and for society.



At Francisco Mata S.A. we are convinced that any action we carry out to improve our environment, however great, is not enough, so we go beyond the rule of the three Rs (reduce – reuse – recycle) adding a fourth: recovery.

The development of our business in a sustainable manner and responsible recovery are the guidelines that we set to carry out an activity that is primary when optimizing resources and reducing the amount of waste that we generate in the domestic and industrial environment.

Our aim is recovery using an innovative approach, minimizing impact and converting waste into raw materials, so that once the life of a product has ended this cycle does not stop, allowing a new starting point, thus reducing the exploitation of natural resources.

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Urban and industrial


We offer a Comprehensive Waste Management to organisations and companies, whether this is urban or industrial, hazardous or non-hazardous in nature.

We have all the necessary permissions to carry out our work with the legal guarantee, the technical resources and expertise required to undertake a complex task and thus offer our customers and suppliers the guarantee and security of a proper delivery of their waste.


SIRGA: Waste Information System of Galicia

We have numerous authorisations for the transport and management of waste.

Associated with:


FER: Spanish Federation of Recovery and Recycling


 SIGRAUTO: Spanish Association for the Environmental Treatment of End of Life Vehicles